Day two…

Sometimes I feel like I am just going through the motions. One minute late to work because the bridge decided to go up and block traffic. Stupid EEO meeting while at work. I should say that I am all for equal opportunity for all people with regards to employment. However, I know the rules and regulations so please don’t take me away from processing criminal background checks to preach to me for 45 minutes about policy. I am not the troublemaker; talk to Brenda (names have been changed to protect the annoying).

As 3pm approached, my outlook rose. I was finally able to get my fat ass to the paved trail near my house for a “run.” Day two of c25k to be exact. Upon completing the 2 mile trail, I was pleasantly surprised at my time.  2.10mi with an average mile of 15:47. Day one of this madness I ran/walked a 16:04 per mile. What a difference a day makes!

This run is 99% inspired by my dad. Being a survivor of prostate cancer and a tough life in general, he rose above it all and chose to thrive.

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Closing out the day by taking my darling to the dentist for a cleaning and off to catch a minute or two with my Bug.

Goodnight all!


Post Day One Run

Everything hurts…. I am proud of my soreness though. It means I accomplished something. My sore thighs remind me that everyone starts somewhere. My tired calves tell me I have a long journey ahead. But my mind is clear and I know I am running for two great causes: Prostate cancer and myself.

Softball practice today with my Bug… But first, I’m getting my ball n chain out for a walk with the pooch. Healthy inspires healthy.

Breakfast was delicious. I made a hummus and broccoli egg scramble with coffee. Trying to stick with a low carb/low sugar lifestyle for my hubby’s diabetes issues.

Off to start the day… God bless!

Ready, Set, What?!

Last year, I walked a 5K for Prostate Cancer in honor of my dad. He is a survivor and is going strong. This year, I’ve decided to run the whole… damn… thing. Not sure what I was thinking…

So today was day one. I have downloaded, deleted and downloaded this app about twenty times that is supposed to train you for a 5K. I’ve never gotten past week 2.

But this year, I have new motivation. My fiancée’s ex-wife will be walking with us in support of my dad. We’ve come a long way in the past couple years. We will both probably need the EMTs when we’re done but hey…. All in the spirit of fitness, right?

Day one is completed and I feel great. I know I have a long way to go. Race day is in 5 weeks so let the butt kicking begin!