Halloween is Coming!

It seems like the department stores are decorating for the holidays earlier and earlier every year. Pretty soon they will be stocking garland and ornaments after Easter!

But while I complain about jumping the gun… I have done the same thing. Summer isn’t over yet and I am making Candy Corn Beanie Hats.  We also have a few other fall items and I will be making more!

Check it out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ImagineThatCrafting



30 is the new 70

I turned 30 last year and had a bit of trouble with it. I am not married and without any kids of my own. But I have found that I was labeling things where I shouldn’t have. I have an absolute wonderful fiance and he is everything I could ever want and more. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Marriage might ruin us… And I don’t know what I would do if I lost him. And my Bug… she’s my world. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t carry her or birth her, she’s my light in the dark and probably my best friend. Yes, a 12 year old is my best friend… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Turning 30 wasn’t so bad, but being 30 has kicked my ass.

I’ve been exhausted and found out I have some problems with an under-active thyroid. The docs are trying to regulate my meds but in the mean time, I’m still so tired I can barely function.

But the worst thing so far has been my recent fall. I have that old commercial stuck in my head all day. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…” We had just gotten home from Florida. I was running up and down the deck stairs in the rain unpacking our luggage when I slipped.  My feet fell out from under me and I fell right on my ass… on the corner of the stairs. I had a bruise for a few days but I’ve never felt so sore.

Now it’s been about three weeks and my tail bone hurts worse and worse everyday. WTF? It’s so bad that I can barely sit. My job requires me to sit at a computer all day. So this tail bone thing is not good. I am going to the doc today for my six week thyroid check so hopefully the doc will have some insight about the literal pain in my butt.

Momma Needs Some Wine…

Thank the Lord it’s Friday because I don’t think I could handle one more day here this week.

Still didn’t receive my overtime pay… If you follow Illinois politics and news, you would know that state employees are worried constantly about legislators balancing a budget and agreeing on a contract for state employees. Not only do we have to work our fingers to the bone, but we have to worry about our paycheck? Bullshit… Now I hear that the overtime I worked the last half of June probably won’t be paid to me until the end of September. Really? I don’t work overtime to “catch up on work” or because I am a dedicated state employee. I work overtime to pay my bills and make ends meet. So when the bureaucrats don’t release my check, my credit score suffers. I wish they cared about us as much as they say they do.

Not only that, but the people in charge in my building are expecting us to do more and more work without adding any hours to the day or money in the bank. Is that what the world is coming to? Let’s make the working class work even harder for the pennies we let them have while the “poor” people in line at public aid drive around in their Bentleys. That seems like a great idea.

Don’t get the wrong idea about me. I am so blessed to have a job to go to every morning. However, it is getting harder and harder to have that frame of mind when I feel like I am working for nothing.

(Sigh) Somebody please refill my wine glass…

Took my dog for his first walk since Doggie Boot Camp and he did awesome! Walked by two groups of people and didn’t bark! $800 well paid for. Hopefully he will be just as good this weekend at our fishing club. I am ready for a weekend of relaxing by the camper, fishing, and more wine.

Cleaning… BLAH

Adapting a clean eating lifestyle hasn’t been easy. But Bug said it best last night. “Well, shrimp is one way to get me to eat healthier.” I am not a cook but it really seems as though Frank and Bug are jumping on the bandwagon with me. It’s really nice to know that I can inspire them to be healthier.

This new healthier lifestyle has crept into other areas of my life too. After work on Wednesday, Frank and I went through our closet and drawers, seeing if there might be a few shirts or pants we can donate to our local Goodwill store. Oh… we found a little more than a few shirts. We loaded up the van with two shoe racks (just the racks), three pairs of shoes, four belts, two baseball hats and four garbage bags of clothes! I have no idea how all of those clothes fit in the closet! I thought about having a garage sale for all of our unwanted items but it is too much work. I like it better when my Grandma says she is having a garage sale and I can bring some stuff over if I want. She doesn’t allow clothes though so donating is my best option.

This makes me want to go through every room in my house and throw stuff away or donate. My house is cluttered with gadgets and knick knacks that I would rather pack or trash. My house never looks clean. I wouldn’t say it’s dirty. I take out the garbage and do the dishes but having a cluttered house makes me not want to deal with dusting around the picture frames and candles. Cleaning out my closet will hopefully inspire me to clean other rooms and get rid of junk. We want to move into a bigger house very soon and I don’t want to be lugging this crap with me for the rest of my life.

Welcome Home?

What a long week this has been…

Hopefully my dog will be coming home tonight. Durt has been with the babysitter since July 11. This year we decided to have him professionally trained. He is such a lover but is aggressive towards new people and animals. We found Kerry from Sit Means Sit and have been super happy with her the last few years. He was only supposed to be gone the week we went to Orlando but now he has been with the trainer for almost three weeks… I miss my boy!

I want to be able to bring him to the beach and our fishing club without worrying about people coming up to him. He always has to stay home alone when we go anywhere and it’s not fair to him. He is such a beautiful and loving dog and nobody has been able to see that side of him. But after he comes home, we should be able to bring him anywhere and introduce anyone to him. I know it will be a learning process for us too. She is going to give us specific instructions regarding how to communicate with him. If I get a nice video of him, I’ll share it here.  In the mean time…  look at that face!!!

He is so cute! He is a pure bred short-haired working class Border Collie. Try saying that three times fast! Our zoo also consists of a our cat, Guinness and two Guinea pigs: Sudsy and Chewy. Apparently I am a bad fur-mommy and don’t have any pictures of them. I suck.

So if Durt comes home today, I will have more pictures and lots to say about how great his training has been. If he doesn’t come home today, I will be crying so please leave a message after the beep….

Reconnecting and the Red Zone

Life can get away from you.  Sometimes you have to take a step back and enjoy what has been given to you.

Frank and I have been together for quite some years now.  Needless to say, not much surprises either of us anymore.  So when the subject of what to do on this holiday Memorial Weekend came about, we decided to “reconnect” and go camping.

I think camping was one of the things that brought us together so many years ago.  We were young, broke, and could stay the night with each other for $5 a camping site rather than $100 for a hotel room.  The saved fare on lodging meant we could buy food and beer.  What else do you need?

Now that we are a little older and more financially secure… we still buy hotdogs and beer for camping.  Somethings never change.  But despite a slow start to the weekend and having to work on Frank’s Dad’s car for most of the day, I had a blast.  I got to test drive my Avon Bug Guard and Avon BB cream with SPF 50 and am highly impressed.  The only spots that I am burned are the spots I couldn’t reach with the spray.  The BB cream was amazing!  My face feels moisturized and not at all red.  Good job Avon!  (Check out my website to try yours too!) http://www.youravon.com/taraschumacher

The last day, we took our dog out on the canoe.  He was nuts!  The entire time I thought the boat was going to tip!  But we all made it home safe and sound… and reconnected.  Just sitting around the campfire with a beer and my love… who could ask for more?  I can’t put into words how I feel.  I’ve literally spent 1/3 of my life with this man and it was nice to have the butterflies back in my tummy.