7 Nail Polish Shades to Impress Men

I saw this article yesterday and found it to be interesting.  After reading, please let me know if you agree or disagree with the colors and what your favorite Avon shades are.


My Avon Picks:

1. Luxe Lavender (913-823)
2. Ruby Slippers (434-656)
3. Mambo Melon (623-974)
4. Red Red (623-993)
5. On the Go Pink (623-936) or ASAP Pink (623-936)
6. Grey Flash (625-321) or Starry Sky (436-572)
7. Lime Splatter (156-060) or Don’t Be Jaded (155-868)

Now obviously men probably don’t care or even notice for the most part what color our nails are painted.  The only time my boyfriend notices my nails is if I let it chip so bad it looks like a four year old child’s nails.  What men do notice is confidence.  So wear whatever shades make you feel beautiful and rock it!




Please help!


I am supporting an Avon fundraiser for my friend Julianne George and her companion, Frank Obodzinski.

Frank is battling a very serious heart condition resulting from a previously undiscovered birth defect. The defect was corrected by surgery, but permanent damage had already been done. Since the initial diagnosis, Frank has had several open heart surgeries. His last surgery was to implant a device which pumps blood from the lower chambers of the heart to the rest of his body. The device runs on a power source requiring Frank to wear a battery holster throughout the day and a power module at night. The implanted device will be used until a suitable heart can be transplanted. Unfortunately, the wait time is unknown.

Marble the Monkey is only $19.99 (plus tax) and the proceeds will help support my friends cope with the significant medical expenses. Please help out this wonderful family.

Also, if Marble the Monkey is not needed in your home, I will donate it in your name to The Guardian Angel Home (local women’s and children’s shelter) in Joliet, IL.

Please contact me to order.

Thank you and God bless.

Tara Schumacher

You Just Never Know…

Isn’t it funny how we come to know our friends?  I have friends that I met 20 years ago in the back of Mrs. Guffey’s second grade classroom and friends that I question why I even started talking to them.  Lack of judgement or poor self-esteem… who knows?  But I truly believe that everyone you come in contact with will have an impact on your life; either directly or indirectly.

I worked at an event for Avon about two months ago with my Upline team.  We set up a canopy in the local mall and passed out catalogs and free samples.  I made some business connections there also; four new team members that I am eternally grateful for.  They rock their Avon business.  But one of the connections I made there was a woman named Sue.  She had no interest in selling Avon with me but would love to order.  That made me equally happy.  My business would be dead without buying customers!  She called me a few days later and placed an order.  We talked for almost an hour.  Turns out, she lives in the subdivision that my boyfriend and I would like to build a house in.  How fun! 

Sue called me a couple weeks later to place another order.  When her products came in, I wasn’t going to be able to deliver to her house.  Scheduling with softall practice and work… just wasn’t happening.  Sue had asked if her place of employment was on the way.  It was only two miles from my house!  I was able to deliver on time.  During delivery, we were chit-chatting and it came up that my boyfriend was a laid off mechanic.  She told me about a dealership she knows of that was hiring and she would call the HR manager to tell her all about my boyfriend and his credentials.

Moral of the story:  Life’s little helpers come from all over.  They are not always your family or your friends.  Some people are just innately good people.  So pay it forward, kids!  Be kind to everyone, even those who don’t deserve it.  You only reep what you sow, so make sure you’re sowing something positive.