Momma Needs Some Wine…

Thank the Lord it’s Friday because I don’t think I could handle one more day here this week.

Still didn’t receive my overtime pay… If you follow Illinois politics and news, you would know that state employees are worried constantly about legislators balancing a budget and agreeing on a contract for state employees. Not only do we have to work our fingers to the bone, but we have to worry about our paycheck? Bullshit… Now I hear that the overtime I worked the last half of June probably won’t be paid to me until the end of September. Really? I don’t work overtime to “catch up on work” or because I am a dedicated state employee. I work overtime to pay my bills and make ends meet. So when the bureaucrats don’t release my check, my credit score suffers. I wish they cared about us as much as they say they do.

Not only that, but the people in charge in my building are expecting us to do more and more work without adding any hours to the day or money in the bank. Is that what the world is coming to? Let’s make the working class work even harder for the pennies we let them have while the “poor” people in line at public aid drive around in their Bentleys. That seems like a great idea.

Don’t get the wrong idea about me. I am so blessed to have a job to go to every morning. However, it is getting harder and harder to have that frame of mind when I feel like I am working for nothing.

(Sigh) Somebody please refill my wine glass…

Took my dog for his first walk since Doggie Boot Camp and he did awesome! Walked by two groups of people and didn’t bark! $800 well paid for. Hopefully he will be just as good this weekend at our fishing club. I am ready for a weekend of relaxing by the camper, fishing, and more wine.


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