Who Am I and Where Is My Mother? – Day One

My name is Tara. I am 30 years old and completely lost in this game on life. I live with my fiancé, his daughter that I’ve nicknamed Bug, and our zoo of animals. I work for the state government. I drive a minivan. And I’m obsessed with anything crochet.

I signed up for Blogging 101 in hopes to become a better writer and blogger. So far all I have done is use WordPress as a diary. I’ve discovered I like eating mostly vegetarian and would like to inspire others to be healthy. I will not preach my beliefs about food or religion and I do not judge. Each person should make decisions for themselves. Don’t worry about what Jim Bob is doing down the street. He is probably just as lost as you are.

I have pretty awesome parents and a wonderful grandma. They are my rocks and although it probably doesn’t seem like it, they are my world.

It’s pretty hard to introduce myself when I don’t know who I am. Those are the facts. Come join me in figuring out my life and hopefully grab a laugh along the way.


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