Welcome Home?

What a long week this has been…

Hopefully my dog will be coming home tonight. Durt has been with the babysitter since July 11. This year we decided to have him professionally trained. He is such a lover but is aggressive towards new people and animals. We found Kerry from Sit Means Sit and have been super happy with her the last few years. He was only supposed to be gone the week we went to Orlando but now he has been with the trainer for almost three weeks… I miss my boy!

I want to be able to bring him to the beach and our fishing club without worrying about people coming up to him. He always has to stay home alone when we go anywhere and it’s not fair to him. He is such a beautiful and loving dog and nobody has been able to see that side of him. But after he comes home, we should be able to bring him anywhere and introduce anyone to him. I know it will be a learning process for us too. She is going to give us specific instructions regarding how to communicate with him. If I get a nice video of him, I’ll share it here.  In the mean time…  look at that face!!!

He is so cute! He is a pure bred short-haired working class Border Collie. Try saying that three times fast! Our zoo also consists of a our cat, Guinness and two Guinea pigs: Sudsy and Chewy. Apparently I am a bad fur-mommy and don’t have any pictures of them. I suck.

So if Durt comes home today, I will have more pictures and lots to say about how great his training has been. If he doesn’t come home today, I will be crying so please leave a message after the beep….


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