Cleaning… BLAH

Adapting a clean eating lifestyle hasn’t been easy. But Bug said it best last night. “Well, shrimp is one way to get me to eat healthier.” I am not a cook but it really seems as though Frank and Bug are jumping on the bandwagon with me. It’s really nice to know that I can inspire them to be healthier.

This new healthier lifestyle has crept into other areas of my life too. After work on Wednesday, Frank and I went through our closet and drawers, seeing if there might be a few shirts or pants we can donate to our local Goodwill store. Oh… we found a little more than a few shirts. We loaded up the van with two shoe racks (just the racks), three pairs of shoes, four belts, two baseball hats and four garbage bags of clothes! I have no idea how all of those clothes fit in the closet! I thought about having a garage sale for all of our unwanted items but it is too much work. I like it better when my Grandma says she is having a garage sale and I can bring some stuff over if I want. She doesn’t allow clothes though so donating is my best option.

This makes me want to go through every room in my house and throw stuff away or donate. My house is cluttered with gadgets and knick knacks that I would rather pack or trash. My house never looks clean. I wouldn’t say it’s dirty. I take out the garbage and do the dishes but having a cluttered house makes me not want to deal with dusting around the picture frames and candles. Cleaning out my closet will hopefully inspire me to clean other rooms and get rid of junk. We want to move into a bigger house very soon and I don’t want to be lugging this crap with me for the rest of my life.


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