Day two…

Sometimes I feel like I am just going through the motions. One minute late to work because the bridge decided to go up and block traffic. Stupid EEO meeting while at work. I should say that I am all for equal opportunity for all people with regards to employment. However, I know the rules and regulations so please don’t take me away from processing criminal background checks to preach to me for 45 minutes about policy. I am not the troublemaker; talk to Brenda (names have been changed to protect the annoying).

As 3pm approached, my outlook rose. I was finally able to get my fat ass to the paved trail near my house for a “run.” Day two of c25k to be exact. Upon completing the 2 mile trail, I was pleasantly surprised at my time.  2.10mi with an average mile of 15:47. Day one of this madness I ran/walked a 16:04 per mile. What a difference a day makes!

This run is 99% inspired by my dad. Being a survivor of prostate cancer and a tough life in general, he rose above it all and chose to thrive.

Insert Shameless self promotion here:

Please take a minute and donate if you can. If you are in the area, join our team! Robotic Warriors!

Closing out the day by taking my darling to the dentist for a cleaning and off to catch a minute or two with my Bug.

Goodnight all!


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